Old Original Gem Rollers for sale:


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Note that the listing of titles may not always be accurate due to prior sales.


Many more titles available that are not listed here. Email for a complete list.


Rollers in above average condition, all playable, $10 each


9 I'll Stand By Until the Morning
12 Hold the Fort
14 America
20 The Home over There
25 Let the Lower Lights be Burning
26 Only an Armor Bearer
27 I Will Sing of My Redeemer
29 Pull for the Shore
41 I Hear Thy Welcome Voice
42 Even Me
43 Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
50 Geneva
51 St. Catharine
58 In the Silent Midnight Watches
69 Beautiful Valley of Eden
80 Shall we Meet Beyond the River
94 Jesus, Min Bste Vn
96 Min Krlek Star till Gud Allena
100 We're Marching to Jesus
101 Waltz--Les Roses
104 The Blue Alsatian Mountains
109 Marching Through Georgia
111 Waltz--My Queen
127 Die Wacht am Rhine
137 Miserere, from Il Trovators
141 Mignonette Polka
148 Thou Art so Near and Yet so Far
157 Then You'll Remember Me
159 Tyroler and Child
164 The Campbells are Coming
166 The Little Log Cabin
168 "La Mascotte" Quadrilles--I
170 "La Mascotte" Quadrilles--III
173 Darling Bessie of the Lea
174 The Guards' Waltz
187 Dearest May
191 White Wings
194 The Golden Slippers
208 Belle Mahone
216 The Zigzag Clog
220 The Lighthouse By the Sea
225 See that My Grave's Kept Green
227 Waltz Song--Orange Blossoms
231 $15 in My Inside Pocket
235 Boccaccio Racket
238 Put My Little Shoes Away
240 Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still
241 Kitty Wells
243 Money Musk
245 Bring Back My Sailor Boy
249 Massa's Wedding Night
268 Comin' Thro' the Rye
269 Finnish March
280 Tenting on the Old Camp Ground
284 Down Among the Sugar Cane
285 Stop that Knocking at the Door
286 Little Maggie May
294 Good-Bye, My Old Southern Home
295 Way to be Happy--Waltz
297 St. Patrick's Day
298 Miss McLeod's Reel
301 The Girl I Left Behind Me
306 Waltz--Sunshine of Love
311 Eglantine, Polka Mazurka
316 The Bright and Beautiful Stars
318 Deutsches National-Lied
321 Sunset Schottische
323 Mill-Stream Waltz
326 Katy's Waltz
336 Sweetbrier Waltz
340 Milkmaid Marriage Song--Waltz
356 A Sweet Little Kiss at the Door
357 Mother, Dearest, Raise My Pillow
358 Mistletoe Schottische
362 Spanish Guitar
363 Only a Dream of My Mother
371 Gathering Shells
375 Take Me Back to Home and Mother
383 A Violet from Mother's Grave
393 Cheer, Boys, Cheer
397 Langtry Waltzes, Nos. 3 & 4
399 John Brown
407 Waltz--Love's Dreamland
410 Why did they Dig Ma's Grave so Deep?
421 My Mother's Old Red Shawl
442 Down on the Farm
448 Come Sit By Me Mother
475 Kiss Me as I Fall to Sleep
520 Haideroeslein
523 Mit Herz und Hand
524 Der Lindenbaum
526 Mai ist Gekommen
612 Somewhere To-night
614 Come, Spirit, Come
618 Anywhere with Jesus
655 They Gather One by One
669 Vor Gud han er saa fast
678 Vom Himmel Hoch
684 Allein Gott in der Hh'
686 Den store hvide Flok vi se
704 Jerusalem, du Hochgebaute Stadt
715 Kde domor muj
716 Louceni, Louceni
1058 Just Tell Them That You Saw Me
1069 My Old Kentucky Home
1090 On the Banks of the Wabash
1113 High Born Lady
1118 Just One Girl
1121 Narcissus
1128 Holy City
1133 Tale of the Kangaroo
1137 Mister Dooley
1141 Laughing Water
1163 My Irish Molly O
1167 You Look Awful Good to Father
1178 I Love My Wife, but O You Kid
1215 Black Hawk Waltz
1257 Dear Old Pal of Mine